Novena Prayer

Asterisks are inserted to mark pauses, when prayed by a group of persons.

Oh Dearest Jesus, tenderly loving us, * Your greatest joy is to dwell among us and to bestow Your blessing upon us! * Though I am not worthy that You should behold me with love, * I feel myself drawn to You dear Infant Jesus, * because You do gladly pardon me and exercise Your almighty power over me.

So many who turned with confidence to You * have received graces and had their petitions granted. * Behold me, in spirit I kneel before Your miraculous image on Your altar in Prague. * and lay open my heart to You, * with its prayers, petitions and hopes. * Especially the affair of ______I enclose in Your loving Heart. * Govern me and do with me and mine according to Your holy will. * for I know in Your Divine wisdom and love You will ordain everything for the best. * Almighty, gracious Infant Jesus, do not withdraw Your hand from us, * but protect and bless us forever.

I pray sweetest Infant, * in the name of Your Blessed Mother Mary who cared for You with such tenderness, * and by the great reverence with which St. Joseph carried You in his arms, * comfort me and make me happy * that I may bless and thank You forever from all my heart.